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Joinery Bogdanović

The family company was founded in 1986 with its center in Čačak. The main activity is the design, production and installation of carpentry. Thanks to quality products, we quickly gained the trust of domestic and foreign customers.

In 2002, Carpentry Bogdanović moved to a new production space. Within the building there is a production workshop, paint shop and office space with a small showroom.

Our products provide secrecy and warmth, so they contribute to a pleasant feeling in your home. Wood is especially distinguished by its longevity and stability so that it offers optimal thermal insulation and noise protection. The raw material, which has been proven for thousands of years, guarantees a natural feeling of comfort. Slim profile and modern design characterize our window system. The plasticized aluminum front profile in the outer part is resistant to all weather conditions.




Through constant development, adoption of new technologies
and continuous education of workers, we raise the quality of products
for the benefit of customers.


Our workshop is equipped with modern tools and machines. The machine park consists of two format saws, table cutters, two thickeners, table multi-spindle drills, belt grinders, format presses and a lot of electric and pneumatic tools. All machines are connected by a central suction of sawdust that is collected and used for heating.

In 2008, we introduced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology into production, the application of which greatly changes the way most products are made. CNC technology enables greater precision and product quality, and reduces production time, which makes us more competitive in the market. In addition to all the above, CNC technology also enables the degree of processing that is impossible on other machines, and thus we expand the range of services and products. We use a 4-axis CNC machining center from Biesse. The machine of such characteristics and possibilities represents the very top of wood processing technology.

Our paint shop is equipped with an air chamber which guarantees impeccable quality of surface treatment. We use paints and varnishes from well-known world manufacturers and tirelessly follow the latest trends in surface treatment as well as accompanying technologies. The paint shop is designed in accordance with European norms and when it comes to preserving the environment, and we have been using the plan for ecological waste disposal for many years.